Asana for Two

By Dancing Mind | September 23rd, 2013

Asana for Two

Yoga was sent to me 11 years ago, on a college campus in a small town. I had no idea what yoga was but the first time I stepped on my mat, my body exclaimed, “I’m home.” Since that time, my body embraces and releases each pose as if it was designed to move being led by my breathe. In many ways, yoga saved my life by giving me a safe space for my physical, emotional, and spiritual body to rest, reconnect, and recover. I had no idea where this journey would take me 11 years ago but I knew this practice was for all seasons. Something within told me I could practice no matter where life took me physically, emotionally and spiritually. So, here I stand….on my mat…29 weeks….practicing for two…….

I started my practice with Ashtanga and eventually got more into Vinyasa. I enjoyed the heat of Bikram but didn’t appreciate the static poses and lack of “flow.” When I discovered Dancing Mind Yoga three years ago, I knew I had found something special…just the right fit! I came on and off for about 2 years due to how far I live from the studio. Then, a year ago, I decided it was well-worth the drive, so I became a member. My favorite class was Erin’s Sunday morning class. When I met Erin, she had just given birth to her son 3 weeks prior, but there she was, inspiring me to be a “Yes!” Erin shared that she practiced during her entire pregnancy. I was impressed and inspired.

Asana for Two

One day after class in February, I heard an announcement for a prenatal workshop for “expecting moms and women thinking about getting pregnant.” I remember thinking, “It’s not my time yet but maybe one day.” A few weeks later, I found out that I was 7 weeks pregnant. I was surprised and excited at the same time! I kept thinking, “Man, I should have taken that class!” But, as soon as I told the DMY staff, they supported me immediately. Theresa, the prenatal guru, e-mailed me tips and ways to modify. When I attended her Saturday morning class, she was kind enough to show me modifications during class. I had a few weeks of morning sickness during the 1st trimester and the heat was making it worse. Here again, the DMY staff were supportive and let me put a hold on my account until I could come back. I did return and have kept coming back since.

Practicing at DMY during my pregnancy has been a real gift. There are days I drag myself to class and when I leave, I have more energy. The teachers inspire me and motivate me to keep coming back to my mat, day after day, while being open to how my body will respond that day. Some days I can still do full wheel, other days bridge is my best friend. Today I held crow for 5 breathes and yesterday I stayed in a squat and guess what? It doesn’t matter! I have fun, listen to my body, and breathe! Yoga teaches me to listen to my body, which is so important for pregnancy. The sense of community that DMY provides has helped my morale. Yes, sometimes the pregnancy hormones get the best of me but when I walk in the studio and I’m greeted with a smile and a “Hey Monea! How’s the baby?” I can’t help but smile back and take advantage of the set of ears who are willing to listen to my pregnancy stories.

So, if you are an “expecting mom or a woman thinking about getting pregnant” join us at the Prenatal Workshop! You will learn a lot and meet wonderful people. If for nothing else, come to the studio to get the smiles, motivation, and endless belly rubs! Namaste.

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