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Centering Around a New Belief

Centering Around a New Belief

“I am ready now”, “Be a Yes”, “Drop what you must”.

These are three of the Baptiste “Laws of Transformation” which you may have either heard one of your teachers say or have seen across DMY T-shirts on the clothing rack. Why do some teachers say it and what does it mean? Through a few of my personal examples, I hope you’ll come to understand why these terms are worth repeating to yourself on a regular basis.

First, let’s talk about affirmations. An affirmation is a declaration that something is true, often in a positive regard. Repeated often enough, affirmations become persuasive. If you’re in the dumps and want to pick yourself up, you may say, “I am happy with where I am”, “I will feel better when I land this job,” or “I will be successful.” Affirmations can also become confirmations. If you feel happy you may proclaim, I am a happy person, I am successful. These statements are short and take only seconds to say or record. I suggest speaking them out loud, writing them in a journal, and scrawling them on pieces of scrap paper. The point is to see and think of them often!

Now is the why. Why does it matter? Does it actually do anything? The answer is, YES OF COURSE IT DOES!!! I have used affirmations as a way to empower myself, change my belief system, and test their unlimited potential. It has especially helped me understand and overcome my self-doubts and anxiety.

I work as an accountant and am currently taking additional accounting classes to gain eligibility to take the CPA exams (Certified Public Accounting). I typically read the text twice, do all required homework problems, and do additional problems to best understand the coursework. When preparing for an exam, I sometimes get anxious about the material I’m studying, even though I’m usually well-prepared. My worrying prevents me from knowing how to balance my workload and just put my hard-work to test. Why do I feel nervous and fearful? It’s primarily because of self-limiting beliefs that cause me to keep studying. These self-limiting beliefs stem from a repetition of negativity, such as “I need to study more or else I will fail.” When I carry around such discouragement, I know this negatively affects not only me but everyone in my life.

Now take a moment to think of an instance where you told yourself you weren’t confident to present something or to test yourself but you did it anyway. Maybe it’s a time when where you just felt plain anxious or afraid to do something new, to meet somebody new. This is exactly where affirmations can be powerful.

Instead of worrying or doubting yourself, declare to yourself or write down on a piece of paper “I AM READY NOW!” And this can mean anything positive that you want it to be. For me, it means that I accept where I am at in the present moment, I trust myself, and I put in honest effort. I believe in myself. At first you may feel skeptical or feel silly doing it, but persistence is the key. Keep trying. As with yoga, it is a practice of becoming centered with your affirmations.

What these affirmations do is immediately shift your intentions from a place of disempowerment to empowerment. One should not stop practicing, set lower goals, or become complacent. On the contrary, affirmations should encourage you to feel better and be better. As I continued to practice my mantra “I am ready now”, or “I am a yes”, my feelings towards myself and self-limiting beliefs has shifted. I now feel more ready than ever. When DMY asked me to write a blog post, I said YES, even though I had never written a post before. When I study for my exams I waste little time worrying or doubting, and instead I just study and get my work done. Other than my studies, I have most recently found success about a month ago. Judicita Condezo, the dance director of Ritmo DMV asked me if I could perform a salsa dancing piece she knew I was rusty at. I was given one week’s notice during a very busy time at work and I only got to practice the routine the evening before the performance. At first, my anxiety and emotions of doubt came into my mind, but instead of letting my emotions get the best of me, I became grounded around my mantra “I am ready now”. I realized that Judi was confident in me, she was seeking my contribution, and all I needed to do was accept myself. Luckily, it had then become my new belief, my new reality, that I was ready. Prior to leaving for the performance, I scrawled on a piece of paper, “I am ready now” and kept it in my pocket. Despite my initial doubts, the affirmation helped me shift to my new empowered belief. I’m happy to report the performance went well and my team was grateful for my effort.

In this post I have focused on the affirmation “I am ready now,” but your mantra may be something a little different. Here are some of my other favorites I’ve repeated. Give it a try!


A few of my favorite affirmations:

“I accept myself, just as I am”
“I accept others, just as they are”
“I let go of worrying and allow peaceful thoughts in my mind”
“I am a Yes”
“I am ready Now”
For meditation, I breathe “I am aware of the movement in my belly and my chest”


To check out Ricky’s dance moves at Ritmo DMV performance , click here!

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