Dancing Mind | Miriam Radakovich
Hot Vinyasa Power Yoga - Baptiste Affiliate Studio - and Fitness Studio/ Gym located in the DMV area, voted Best of Falls Church, VA for Seven Years in a Row
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Miriam Radakovich

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Miriam Radakovich

I teach power yoga because I know what power yoga did for me personally when, many years ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. “On the mat,” yoga restored flexibility and strength to my joints and muscles – within 6 months of starting a practice, I was back to most of my normal activities. But the benefits “off the mat” were much more profound: practicing yoga through that period of my life taught me patience, perseverance, and acceptance – qualities that have helped me navigate EVERY aspect of my life since then.

I love the “vibe” at Dancing Mind – it’s such a joyful, energetic place. At Dancing Mind, power yoga is accessible to anyone in any class. There aren’t rules about what poses a person can or can’t do; no enforced progression through a series of classes; no judgment about whether a class is appropriate for someone. I love that beginners are welcomed and that classes are inclusive and offer options for anyone regardless of prior experience.

One of my personal goals is to de-mystify yoga. There are so many pre-conceptions – that it is only for flexible people; that you have to be a vegetarian; that it ís passive; that you have to do or believe specific things.


The truth that I want to share with people is that yoga is non-judgmental, practical, fun, transformative, and – most importantly – available to ABSOLUTELY anyone who wants to try it. It’s not mysterious…it’s just yoga!



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