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Hot Vinyasa Power Yoga - Baptiste Affiliate Studio - and Fitness Studio/ Gym located in the DMV area, voted Best of Falls Church, VA for Seven Years in a Row
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Colleen Deasy

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Colleen Deasy

I have been practicing Baptiste Yoga at DM since October 2012, when I began to look for a way to become more physically active after a hiatus from running, caused by knee injuries and a busy life schedule, which left me sedentary for longer than I care to admit.

After my first class, I was hooked.  I was so energized after class and the community was incredibly welcoming. Once I started practicing regularly, I decided that I needed to learn more about yoga and the Baptiste style.  This led me to register for assistant training and eventually to teacher training.

Over several months of teacher training at DM, I realized that yoga is much bigger than a set of challenging poses. Yoga taught me to fuel, feed, and restore myself.  Everyone is responsible for caring for themselves so that they can lead happy and productive lives and so they can be of service to themselves and others. I learned that joy and fulfillment is my reward as I serve the DM community by passing along the lessons I’ve learned.

After deciding to teach, I began to wonder – where would I teach? I quickly realized that I wanted to teach at DM as a way to give back to the community that supported my own growth and reminded me about the beauty of perspective and empathy as I took a long hard look at myself.

As a teacher I strive to build strength and confidence in each of my students while adding a touch of space so each student can see clearly and have a moment of quiet. It is in this quiet clear space, I have learned that everything and anything is possible. I am honored to be a part of the DM team and to be of service to the overall community.


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