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My curiosity spiked one day when I saw a lady wearing a tee shirt that said Dancing Mind Yoga.  I remember thinking what an extraordinary name.  To my surprise I realized it was a yoga studio fairly close to our home that offered the Baptiste Power Vinyasa so I decided to try it.  My first class left me exhilarated, exhausted and excited.  This was totally different from anything I had done before.  What drew me to the practice and the studio was not only the physical practice but the philosophy on which it was founded and the spirit of community. Vinyasa flow is a holistic approach to yoga.  I initially thought the power referred to the physical aspect but soon learned that the power is from within to become a confident, vibrant, healthy and empowered human being. I found myself revitalized yet centered and inspired even during hectic days.  It was a perfect balance of being calm and feeling energized.Heidi Poza_pose

I completed my 200-HR Teacher Training in March 2013.  I followed with Teacher Assistant Training, Teaching Apprenticeship and Teaching Mentorship. I am also a Reiki Third Degree Master Practitioner and Teacher since 2010.  My knowledge and work with energy blends beautifully with yoga whether I am practicing, assisting or teaching.  

In 2014 I started teaching Little Pretzels classes.  I feel very fortunate to teach this unique class for children from four to nine years old and help them learn about yoga and the yoga philosophy through practice and fun activities.  It is exciting to see the children making the mind-body connection and becoming stronger, more flexible and focused.  Every class is a new experience and the children are inspiring with their energy and creativity.  We breath, we practice, we learn and definitely have fun!  

As a teacher, I hope to inspire individuals to be open to the new possibilities and opportunities in themselves and in life that enables them to grow to limits they may never have believed existed.


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