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Break Your Own Rules

Break Your Own Rules

I’m not much of one for rules. There must always be an exception, gray area, some wiggle room. I looked for the loophole whenever I could.. The first time I opened Baron Baptiste’s book “40 Days to Personal Revolution” I was working an all day Sunday shift at Dancing Mind. I had bought into the “yoga thing” fully, considered myself to be an expert budding “yogi,(oh the naivete of a yoga girl 4 months into her practice!) and felt like the transformation yoga had to offer me had already taken place.

Laws in Yoga?

I’d heard the buzz around the studio about 40 Days and kind of knew what it was. I was planning to do it,  mostly because I worked at the studio, but also because my friends were doing it and I enjoyed being a part of things.  When I was dusting the  boutique, I picked up “40 Days” and began to flip through. I giggled at the pictures and scoffed at the Fruit Feast. I came upon page 4, where “The Laws of Transformation” are introduced and I laughed-out loud. “Laws?

 How can there be laws in yoga?” Laws are a lot like rules, and I have no place for rules in my life. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. Then I read further and my skepticism waned as my emotions began to brew.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I had been practicing yoga for 4 months and had never even attempted to do any of the things on that list. Seek the Truth? Step out of Your Comfort Zone? Be willing to come Apart?  After the breakup that had brought me to yoga, why would I want to come apart? I had just (haphazardly) put myself back together again. In that moment it dawned on me, I had been doing the physical practice of yoga, “up dog, down down, left foot forward warrior one” and none of the REAL emotional, spiritual work.

Finger Pointing

Sure, I had lost weight and looked better, but I hadn’t even begun to deal with what had brought me to the mat in the first place. I flipped through the Week One section of the book, nervous and excited, and landed upon the excavation questions.  The first question was “How much am I taking responsibility… in my life?” Responsibility? Ha! I had been blaming everything on other people.


I was single because my cold hearted ex boyfriend had unceremoniously dumped me on the eve of my 30th birthday, I hadn’t completed my Bachelor’s because my parents were unsupportive of me, I was overweight because I had asthma and had to take steroids throughout my childhood. None of these things were true and that realization coupled with the sheer panic I felt left me with only one thing to do. Enroll in 40 Days.


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