Dancing Mind | Durell McCoy
Hot Vinyasa Power Yoga - Baptiste Affiliate Studio - and Fitness Studio/ Gym located in the DMV area, voted Best of Falls Church, VA for Seven Years in a Row
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Durell McCoy

Durell McCoy

I came to Dancing Mind to provide my expert marketing and design skills to grow our community and help keep the company the #1 yoga studio in the area. With growing a company so involved with its clients it is important to keep the customer in mind and speak directly to their needs. By supplying programs and workshops that are beneficial to the client and not so much selling them on what we have to offer. My market strategies are focused on providing solutions that will help clients reach their fitness goals!

Dancing Mind gave me a workplace where I am surrounded by people who care about wellness and strive for personal growth.  It’s the best kind of environment for me – being surrounded by positive people who’s sole goal is to better themselves everyday!

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