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Catherine Otwell

RYT 200

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Like many others, when I first came to Dancing Mind I was looking for a workout; I wanted that yoga butt that everyone talked about but I quickly realized that there was much more to yoga than what I saw on the surface. I was surrounded by a community that shared, laughed, loved and learned. I was inspired. After every class I left feeling deeply touched on an individual level, inspired to make changes in my life that I didn’t even know I needed to make. I felt empowered into creating something new for myself. After only a month at the studio, I signed up for Teacher Training. I wanted to share what I felt with everyone I knew. I wanted to be the one on the other side, creating the inspiration, empowering people into their own greatness. I was ready to be of service.

poses_nov13_-10In such a short time, I have found a family at DM that brings me happiness, and ease. Every day I learn something new from my mentors, teachers and students. Now as an assistant and a teacher, I am here to give back to the community that has given so much to me. Yoga inspired me to look at my life and create the changes I wanted to see. Through my assisting and teaching, I hope to spark the inspiration within my students to discover what is possible on the mat so they can create something new off of the mat.

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