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Why Ayurveda

Why Ayurveda

Life Knowledge: What Do YOU Know?

The word Āyurveda can be broken apart into Āyu: Life – and Veda: knowledge thus giving us the translation: life knowledge.

Āyurveda is the traditional, ancient system of Indian medicine. Āyurveda is a series of teachings over 5,000 years old, yet it maintains as a very practical, logical science.  It incorporates knowledge of all foods, medicines, and daily activities, and what result they will produce in one’s own life. 

You Are 100% Unique

An Āyurvedic lifestyle protocol is created 100% unique for each individual. This is based on the theory of Doshas.

Dosha? What is that?
Ayurveda teaches that we each have a unique, natural combination of three doshas: Vāta, Pita, and Kapha. These doshas are made up of specific qualities, and all humans are an amalgamation of all 3. Doshas are psycho-physiological organizing principles, which provide a foundation for applying these specific qualities of the physical body and relating them to diet, lifestyle, and emotions to understand what is going on presently. 

When the qualities of the doshas are balanced, it leads to harmony and health, while an imbalance will eventually lead to disease. Understanding the innate distribution of these doshas, which each govern a set of qualities, allows us to understand what one’s ideal constitution is, and what qualities one needs minimize, or favor, in order to create balance, and return to one’s own unique, balanced constitution. 


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