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Transformation Anticipation

Transformation Anticipation

Pay Attention to Signs

I have learned to pay attention to the universe and the signs it gives you.

Last week, when I was mountain biking I ran into two snakes. They were not on the side, or on the edge of the trail, but rather smack in the middle of the trail. 

Snakes shed skin. They transform. Multiple times in their lives. And so do we. 

Coincidence or Sign?

When I saw the first snake, I thought to myself as I turned my bike around – it was a copperhead – coincidence or a sign? Two days later, as I moved the 5 foot black snake out of the trail with a stick to keep going with my ride, I wondered what transformation was about to come to me.

Breakthrough Brewing

I know how a breakthrough feels.

First resistance. I am a no. I feel fear in my gut. It burns like a fire. The flame gets high and moves into my chest. Anxiety. I feel as if I am pushing against an imaginary elastic wall.

In the past before Baptiste yoga. I would stay there. Stuck. I would find excuses not to move. Blame other people for my fears.

Now I know better. I am aware a breakthrough is about to happen. I have tools. I know my story. I “FEAR NOT.”


I am ready to shed my skin and Play Big again!

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