Chuck Rogers


CrossFit Level I Trainer


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My introduction to CrossFit came as I think it does for many people, in the form of ghost stories of how hard it is and how sore and immobile you end up the next day. I may have been hooked at that moment even though I did not start at that time.

A few months before the opening of Dancing Mind CrossFit, I was given the opportunity to start training in a highly regarded box and was instantly impressed with the level of attention and passion the coaches had toward the exercises and the athlete’s well being.

As a coach and athlete, I am conscious of the great benefits CrossFit method can provide its practitioners. I see how increase in strength has positively affected my yoga practice and basic movements and tasks around the house. It has become another great key in teaching me about movement and how to find domain over my body.

As a coach, I will teach each athlete how to use their body in ways that challenge, strengthen and ultimately teach them how to move in the most effective and powerful way possible. I look forward to getting our athletes to move objects, including themselves, in way they never thought possible.

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