You Want Me to Set Goals? PLEASE NO!

Learn to set goals with success!

By Ronnie Goff | May 12th, 2014
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Chore + Waste of Time

I secretly hated setting goals. With peer pressure, I dutifully set New Year’s resolutions and work-related goals were an annual, dreaded event. Sometimes the goals and their outcomes were fabulous, like competing in my first triathlon. But mostly, setting goals seemed like a chore and waste of time. I agonized over how far I should reach and whether what I wanted was really possible.

Finally, I understood my resistance. My goals were rooted in trying to make myself better in some way; to get healthier, look prettier, advance at work, have people like and admire me (yikes!). My goals were coming from an underlying, unconscious feeling that I was not good enough. No wonder the resistance!

Express Yourself

I don’t know if you are like me, but ask yourself this: What would be possible if your goals were an expression of your passions, your joy, your creativity, and not some exercise in fixing yourself?

When your goals are a form of self-expression, you can’t help but achieve them. Read Erik Pelton’s DM blog post Marathon Man for a beautiful example of this!