Dancing Mind | ABC’s of Values for CHILDREN
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ABC’s of Values for CHILDREN

Values are central to children’s success and fulfillment in life.  After all, who is so intelligent that he is happy without love?  What person is so brilliant that she has no need for thankfulness?  These values are universally admired.  That is why at Dancing Mind, we believe that instilling them in our young children is so important.

Our goal is to help you integrate these values into your children’s daily lives.

A – APPRECIATION – feeling gratitude for what we have. Being thankful for the gifts of life.

B –  BEAUTY – a quality that exists in a person or thing that brings pleasure and awe.

C – COURAGE – the quality of spirit that enables a person to face adversities with authenticity.

D – DETERMINATION – the act of setting an intention and committing to growth.

E – EMPATHY – the ability to look into the hearts of others and identify with their situation.

F – FUN – the work of children: play!

G – GENEROSITY – a willingness to give, share, contribute.

H – HONESTY – being truthful to yourself and others.

I – INDEPENDENCE – being in control of your life, and taking ownership of your actions.

J – JOY –  the emotions of delight found within regardless of circumstance.

K – KINDNESS – an act of consideration towards others that supports humanity.

L – LOVE – feeling of deep appreciation and attachment for another.

M – MOVEMENT – taking action, physically, with your body to bring about change.

N – NOURISHMENT – habits or actions to healthfully sustain body and mind.

O – OPTIMISTIC – taking a favorable view or having positive expectations.

P – PATIENCE – allowing for discomfort and ‘road-blocks’ in life and remaining non-reactive.

Q – QUICK TO FORGIVE – knowing when to let go and being ok with starting again.

R – RESPECT – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

S – SELF-RESPECT – acknowledging, nurturing and cultivating your personal growth.

T – TRUST – having confidence and faith in your ability to handle anything.

U – UNDERSTANDING – comprehending/dealing with any situation in a kind/informed manner.

V – VITALITY – power to live and grow.

W – WISDOM –  application of knowledge to everyday life, and the ability to discern when/if to             use knowledge.

X – EXCELLENCE – outstanding in word and deed.

Y – YES! – being willing to step up, take action to face challenges, and grow towards possibilities.

Z – ZEAL – strong enthusiasm and dedication for a project, program, task.