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Who We Are


After an inspiring Level I training with Baron Baptiste in February 2007, owner Paula Baake quite literally “opened her doors” to the public in May of that year in a newly cleared out room in the upstairs of her family’s home. With enough mat spaces for 9 power yoga students, Paula offered 3 to 4 classes per day, six days a week. With the help of a few fellow yogi’s, two patient pups (Rocky and Apollo), and a husband who whipped up dinner as the evening classes came to a wrap, it was clear that Paula had outgrown her nine mat home studio. It was time to look for a real home for Dancing Mind Yoga.power yoga, hot yoga, baptiste yoga

In May of 2008, Dancing Mind Yoga moved into their new space and officially made the City of Falls Church “home”. In 2010, we doubled our studio space and tacked on an official “office” and in 2011 studio 203 was added along with a storage room for our DMY goodies. Even then, DMY continued to grow at a humbling rate.

In November 2012 Paula was presented with the opportunity to expand DMY once again, and even though she wanted to say no, the universe spoke much louder with a big YES! She signed the lease for an 8,000 square foot space and after 10 months of planning and building we opened the doors to our new space on September 17, 2013.

Dancing Mind’s newly renovated space is designed to embody our mission statement to “inspire and empower.” Our studio is also designed for fun and represents Paula’s passion for power yoga, CrossFit, athletics and zest for leading the way in the fitness realm. More over – we feel that our new home also reaffirms that “what is possible” is as limitless as what the mind can imagine. With the shift in space came a shift in name, and Dancing Mind Yoga became Dancing Mind – offering Yoga, CrossFit, and Cycle.

Today, Dancing Mind is a community destination where people experience an alternative way of living life. Authentic. Real. Without judgment, anger or fear. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to experience new possibilities and find community. Today Paula knows that her experience at Level One with Baron and his team was service. It was a passion for service and for empowering people to be so strong that it spoke through everything they did. She felt it. It touched her and it transformed her, the people around her, and the relationships she had. And that is what we aim to share at Dancing Mind.

Why Dancing Mind?

In 1993 studio owner, Paula Baake, stumbled across the book titled, “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind”, by Chungliang Al Huang. In a time in her life where a career shift was happening as were changing family dynamics – stress and anxiety seemed to quickly consume far too much of her time and energy.

hot yoga, power yoga, baptiste yoga


The book was impactful and its message spoke to the themes that we teach in Baptiste yoga:

To be present is to be able to feel our bodies. Breathe.
When we shift our attitudes and beliefs about what is possible in our world, we are able to redefine our own potential.
Focus on what we have control over and let go of what you can’t control.
Seek internal satisfaction. See life as a journey.
Be aware that nothing is perfect.
Keep it real.
Stay in control but do not obsess over it.
Be positive.
Be confident.
Be powerful.

Dancing Mind was born.

About Our Lotus 

In Yoga philosophy, the lotus blossom is a symbol of Divine consciousness and love, but above all – union. The lotus flower grows from the bottom of murky waters and eventually rises above and blooms in its complete perfection and beauty; a powerful transformation.

At Dancing Mind, our lotus has many meanings, and was intentionally designed to represent many of the teachings we learn through our practice of yoga.

hot yoga, power yoga, baptiste yogaBeginning with the gold shinning from the center of the lotus, the light that shines forth inside each of us represents our inner power. The touches of brown throughout the lotus symbolize grounding to the earth and a strong sense of stability. Eventually the gold brown fades into a vibrant shade of indigo – the color of consciousness, growing more intense towards the outside of the lotus’ petals.

The white space within the lotus’ petals symbolizes Dancing Mind’s commitment to holding a safe space, free of judgment, so all of our students can experience new possibilities. This powerful energy that we symbolize through the blossoms and inside out transformation comes together much like the petals of the Lotus’ come together in a wisdom mudra, as fingers gently but firmly touching and sealing our power within. That is our new way of being.