• Dutch_Current

    Introducing the DM Minute of Meaning: Featuring Dutch Martin

    Introducing Dancing Mind’s Minute of Meaning – An Inspirational Story from our Community! Thanks to Dutch Martin for sharing his story, energy and practice with us!


    What’s in Your Bag?

     Now that you’ve seen what our staff loves – Comment or share on our Facebook page what you can’t live without    

  • yoga-namaste-hand

    Developing Mindfulness through the Witness Position

    What! Is it true? Yogis can hear their thoughts? One of the great things about having a yoga practice is that you start to hear things that you think or say. We call that the “witness” position, where we are MORE »

  • Gratitude

    7 Steps to Gratitude: The Path to Freedom and Love

    “Notice the abundance of what you do have, right here right now, and let it in, really let it in.”   – Byron Katie Having an attitude of gratitude is a powerful way to create freedom in our minds and hearts. MORE »

  • Valentine Hearts

    Perfect Valentine Day Ideas!

    With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of thoughtful ideas you could do to sweeten your Valentine’s day. Without further ado, here is my top ten… Breakfast in Bed. Because MORE »

  • mix of season vegetables in wicker basket

    Yoga and a Plant Based Diet Changed My Life

    August 2013.   At 39 years old, I was 5’10” and weighed in at 285 lbs.  My cholesterol was way too high, my triglycerides were dangerously high, I was fat, out of shape, had low self-esteem, and, according to my MORE »

  • Love

    Why You Must First Fall in Love with YOURSELF…

    In this world that we live, it is so easy to go on living life trying to be something else for someone else. For the longest time I tried being someone else, I tried belonging by pleasing and being careful MORE »

  • tripod headstand

    Ten Benefits of Yoga Inversions

    Inversions have the power to create a range of emotions in our bodies fear, anxiety, aversion, rejection, excitement, butterflies, the list goes on and on. Yes, going upside down is contrary to our nature and yet the benefits of doing MORE »

  • dmy_list2_98

    5 Favorite Yoga Assists

    Being assisted in yoga is a special treat because the assistant can help you find new possibility in your body that you would not be able to discover on your own. In my experience, we need the most help either MORE »

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    Kira’s Favorite Ride Playlist

    I must confess, I like to move it, move it. You like to move it, move it too, right? Of course you do! Let’s move it, move it together. Lyrics aside, music is incredible because it speaks directly to our MORE »