• tripod headstand

    Ten Benefits of Yoga Inversions

    Inversions have the power to create a range of emotions in our bodies fear, anxiety, aversion, rejection, excitement, butterflies, the list goes on and on. Yes, going upside down is contrary to our nature and yet the benefits of doing MORE »

  • dmy_list2_98

    5 Favorite Yoga Assists

    Being assisted in yoga is a special treat because the assistant can help you find new possibility in your body that you would not be able to discover on your own. In my experience, we need the most help either MORE »

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    Kira’s Favorite Ride Playlist

    I must confess, I like to move it, move it. You like to move it, move it too, right? Of course you do! Let’s move it, move it together. Lyrics aside, music is incredible because it speaks directly to our MORE »

  • Triangle Pose

    Mastering Alignment in Trikonasana aka Triangle Pose

    Have you ever felt triumph when your Dancing Mind yoga instructor finally praised you for mastering alignment in Trikonasana aka Triangle pose after years of listening to her specific instructions? Later, have you been frustrated when you went to a MORE »

  • dmy_list2_104

    Change Your Yoga Practice with One Assist

    Imagine a yoga pose you struggle with. Maybe the pose you’re picturing is painful or, perhaps, it seems unattainable. For me (aged 32), this pose was Gorilla, whereas, for my mother (in her 60s) it was Headstand. We face various MORE »

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    Everything You Need To Know About The Teacher Assistant Program

    ‘What the Teacher Assistant Program (TAP) means to me‘ by Colleen Deasy My goal entering the Teacher Assistant Program, one of the first programs I participated in as a new student at Dancing Mind a little more than 2 years MORE »

  • Female athlete doing push ups on beach

    8 Ways to Stay Fit in 2015

    I can feel the internal struggle of staying on top of things, taking care of myself, having fun during the Holiday season vs. the goal of staying on top of things staying fit starting to build in my gut. That’s MORE »

  • Coffee Bean Hearts

    Our Favorite Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

    I have a love relationship with my coffee. I grew up drinking coffee and I loved having my morning milk and coffee – “latte” – as later in life I would come to call it.  Yes, in Brazil they do MORE »

  • baake_family_2013_4

    Happy Holidays and Thank You from Paula!

    It’s hard to believe that it is December and 2014 is almost over! This was sure a HUGE year for myself and my staff! Dancing Mind went from being a GREAT yoga studio to being an even more AMAZING holistic MORE »

  • Woman showing apple and donut

    Tips for Mindful Eating During the Holidays

    There is a good chance that mindless eating, rather than your food choices, is the reason you weigh more than you’d like. Despite your best intentions, a busy lifestyle can encourage mindless eating habits like rushing through meals, eating in MORE »