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    Fall in LOVE with Fall

    Fall in LOVE with Fall Colorful sunrises, cooling temps, football, cross country, local 5Ks, apple cider and changing leaves. Fall is in full swing in Falls Church. Fall is in full swing at Dancing Mind… Teacher Training, 40 Days to MORE »

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    Electrolytes for Fitness

    Putting Electrolytes at the Forefront of your Fitness No matter what time of year you’re working out, the topic of electrolytes always comes up, and for good reason! Electrolytes are the important minerals in your blood and other body fluids MORE »

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    The Salad Dressing You Should Never Eat

    Wait…. I thought salads were healthy!? A salad with store bought dressing is often thought of as a healthier alternative to other foods. However, this very combination may be what is stopping you from burning fat and obtaining your ideal MORE »

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    Join us for Falls Church City Spring into Wellness Event!

    The first ever Falls Church Spring Into Wellness event is almost here! This awesome event, sponsored by the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce, is the collaborative effort of local businesses in the wellness industry. And guess who is the winner!? YOU!!! For MORE »

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    Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training registration is open! Join us if… You don’t want to be a teacher and want to grow your practice! You want to treat yourself to an amazing weekend! You are interested in learning the fundamentals MORE »

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    Teacher Highlight: Meet Ride Lead Instructor Meredith Black!

    Get to know Meredith Black… Lead cycle instructor Meredith Black let’s us in on some of the things that make her who she is, plus what her guilty secret is…trust us it’s one many of us can relate to! Check MORE »

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    Strengthen Your Body & Awaken Your Diet with Spring’s Produce

    A healthy eating pattern includes *at least* 3 cups of vegetables per day. But many of us struggle to meet this quota, especially in the winter when there is less fresh produce available. Thankfully, as we transition into the Spring MORE »

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    Presence yourself and say thank you before you eat!

    Good morning, and Happy Wednesday!  In keeping with this week’s theme on “Presence,” let’s consider how we can become more present when it comes to our eating habits through these 40 days. Presence is about *creating space* for ourselves and MORE »

  • A new study linking animal protein-rich diets to increased mortality in middle age adds fuel to the controversy over how much protein — and from what sources — is ideal for health. One thing that seems pretty clear: It doesn't hurt to go heavy on the gre

    How to Fuel for 40 Days!

    Taking on any 40-day challenge is no easy feat, especially when it’s one that requires attention to daily physical activity. No matter how rigorous your exercise routine will be over the next six weeks, it’s important to fuel yourself properly MORE »

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    Get your Green (Smoothie) on this St. Patrick’s Day!

    Around St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sure that you hear a lot of people talking about “luck,” but do you ever stop to consider those things in life that you can’t leave up to chance? Our health is one area of MORE »