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    Everything You Need To Know About The Teacher Assistant Program

    ‘What the Teacher Assistant Program (TAP) means to me‘ by Colleen Deasy My goal entering the Teacher Assistant Program, one of the first programs I participated in as a new student at Dancing Mind a little more than 2 years MORE »

  • Female athlete doing push ups on beach

    8 Ways to Stay Fit in 2015

    I can feel the internal struggle of staying on top of things, taking care of myself, having fun during the Holiday season vs. the goal of staying on top of things staying fit starting to build in my gut. That’s MORE »

  • Coffee Bean Hearts

    Our Favorite Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

    I have a love relationship with my coffee. I grew up drinking coffee and I loved having my morning milk and coffee – “latte” – as later in life I would come to call it.  Yes, in Brazil they do MORE »

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    Happy Holidays and Thank You from Paula!

    It’s hard to believe that it is December and 2014 is almost over! This was sure a HUGE year for myself and my staff! Dancing Mind went from being a GREAT yoga studio to being an even more AMAZING holistic MORE »

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    Tips for Mindful Eating During the Holidays

    There is a good chance that mindless eating, rather than your food choices, is the reason you weigh more than you’d like. Despite your best intentions, a busy lifestyle can encourage mindless eating habits like rushing through meals, eating in MORE »

  • Coconuts and coconut oil on wooden table

    5 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

    Back home in Brazil, we use Coconut oil for lots of things, from cooking to your beauty routine.  Here are our 5  favorite ways use coconut oil! I get a big jar at Trader Joe’s for about $7, and it MORE »

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    Healthy Cauliflower Mashed Potato Recipe

    Looking for a low carb, creamy and flavorful alternative to mashed potatoes for your Thanksgiving meal? Try this Garlic Mashed Cauliflower recipe from allrecipes.com. Then sit back and watch your guests dig in. Will they know it is not potatoes? MORE »

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    Six Tips to Have Fun While Learning to do Inversions!

    I remember when I was a brand new Yogini, and all I really wanted was to how to get upside down and balance on my head. “Could you teach me how to do Headstand?” – I would ask my teacher MORE »

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    7 Tips to Thrive through the Holidays

    Do you wake up in a stupor on January 1st? Stomach bloated, pants tight? Regretting how many times you dipped into the candy bowl at work? But you needed the energy. There is so much to do between Thanksgiving and MORE »

  • Create your Master Plan!

    Create Your 2015 Master Plan!

     Celebrate your Victories. Learn From Your Failures. We want to say thank you to all who participated in our Halloween Party last Friday. We had an awesome turn out and lots of members of the Dancing Mind Family showed up MORE »