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    Game Day Dishes: Bring your Best to the Super Bowl Party this Sunday!

    One thing I tell my nutrition clients to do in these situations is to bring their own healthy dish or snack to the party, so they know that they have *at least one* healthy option to choose from. With that MORE »

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    Proper Hydration for the Winter Weather

    When the temperatures outside drop – and we sweat a little bit less – it’s easy to forget that dehydration happens just as easily in the winter as it does in the heat of summer.   Not drinking enough water MORE »

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    Member Highlight of the Week: Mitzi Carlin

    Dancing Mind Transformation Stories – Mitzi Carlin Interviewed by Kate Wiggins Mitzi Carlin and her family are regulars at Dancing Mind. With her own health coaching business, four children and as the wife of a Marine, Mitzi is certainly one MORE »

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    Why Do I Run Out of Energy Toward the End of the Day?

    Q. Why do I tend to “crash” in the mid-afternoon? A. From an Ayurvedic perspective, we tend to “crash” in the mid-afternoon, as this is when we are entering the “vata” period of the day. The vata time is characterized MORE »

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    19 fun ways to create good karma

    1. Hang this message near your night stand: It’s not just about what yoga gives to me, but what I give to the world! Give it to everyone! 2. For one whole day, forget about expectations. Greet everyone with compassion. MORE »

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    Member Highlight of the Week: Rachael Burden

    Dancing Mind Transformation Stories – Rachael Burden, Interviewed by Kate Wiggins Rachael Burden is a speechwriter who was a big runner. She came to Dancing Mind looking for a change in her fitness routine and an outlet for her stress MORE »

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    Eight Causes of Cravings

    The body is amazing. It knows when to go to sleep, wake up, go to the bathroom, maintain 98.6 degrees and tighten the eyes when the light gets bright. It knows the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. Your heart never MORE »

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    Teacher Highlight: Lauren Poppalardo

    Get to know…Lauren Poppalardo Guess who’s back, back again… Yes, Lauren Poppalardo is back teaching at Dancing Mind and we couldn’t be more excited! We asked her some burning questions…and some things we were just a little nosey about. So MORE »

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    Member Highlight of the Week: Christy Gillmore

    Get to know…Christy Gillmore Recent 200HR Teacher Training graduate, new teacher and long time Dancing Mind member, Christy Gillmore recently took on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6am classes! So we took this opportunity to catch up and get to know her better. Christy MORE »