Welcome to Dancing Mind CrossFit!
Whether you’re a veteran CrossFitter, have heard about it through friends, or are just curious about what this workout is all about after seeing it on TV… WELCOME!

At Dancing Mind CrossFit our focus is to provide you with a safe, fun and empowering experience that leaves you wanting to come back for more! We want to share our passion for fitness and athletics with you, teach you the right techniques, make new friends and above all have a ton of fun along the way. Empowering you to believe you can – that is our mission!

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Class Descriptions


CrossFit Foundations

Come find out what the hype is all about! Our foundations class is for people who have never done CrossFit before and want to learn more about CrossFit! One of our expert coaches will take you through some of the basic CrossFit movements, and the WOD (WorkOut Of the Day). Yes, you will sweat!



Unlock your full athletic potential! A high-energy, non-stop action-packed hour of exercise that will unleash your inner athlete and help you get in the best shape of your life! CrossFit WODs of the day are scaled and modified to fit each student’s personal levels and goals. All levels are welcome.