The DMCF Barbell Club

DMCF Barbell Club

What is DMCF Barbell Club?

The main focus of DMCF Barbell Club is to provide our athletes the space to learn and improve the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk, and related lifts. At our Barbell Club, you can expect learn the movements and technique required to perform the snatch or clean & jerk, perform auxiliary exercises, and perform other drills to supplement Olympic lifts.

What is DMCF Barbell Club like?

Our Barbell Club is a little different than our regular CrossFit WOD classes. Before Barbell Club starts, go ahead and work on any stretching or mobility you need on your own prior to the start of class. Everyone is a little different, so work on those things that are going to help you get into the best positions (the coach can help you out if need some guidance). You may also want to hop on the rower for a bit to get warmed up. Then, at the beginning of class, we will do a barbell warm-up that is a series of technique drills done with an empty barbell to get prepared for the day’s lifting.

Once the barbell warm-up is finished, we will move into the actual lifts to be performed that day. Sometimes we will do the lifts together as a group and sometimes you will do them at your own pace.

The coach will sometimes be leading the class and watching every lift, and sometimes they may be doing the lifts right there, along side with you. In either case, they will be watching form and technique and will make suggestions and corrections to help you improve your Olympic lifts.

Why should I Become a Member of DMCF Barbell Club?

A lot of people ask why they should attend a Barbell Club if they’re not trying to be an Olympic weightlifter or to compete? The answer is simple: practicing the Olympic lifts doesn’t just benefit the Olympic lifts, it benefits all aspects of your fitness because Olympic Lifting translates into every movement you do!

Do you want to move better and without pain?

Do you want to increase your strength?

Do you want to improve your coordination?
Do you want to jump higher?
Do you want to run faster?
Do you want to make your CrossFit WOD times go down?
Want to be able to do a muscle-up? Kipping pull-up? Backflip?

Then you should be practicing your Olympic weightlifting.

The Olympic snatch is one of the best and most efficient ways to develop neuromuscular coordination. Get better at the snatch, and you will improve the way you control your body every day.

The bottom line

Olympic weightlifters are some of the most flexible, fast, and powerful athletes on earth. If you want to get stronger, faster, improve your coordination, increase your mobility, and decrease your WOD times, then come join us at Barbell Club. Not only will it improve those areas, but also you will make some amazing friends for life!

DMCF Barbell Club Classes (Barbell Club Members Only):

Monday – 5:30-7pm

Wednesday – 5:30-7pm

Friday – 5:30-7pm

Open Gym: Coach supervised time is available to those athletes looking to work on technique.

Saturday – 9:30-1130 am

Sunday – 9:30-1130 am

*As with any other class there will be a daily cap of 12 people.



Complimentary membership to DMCF Barbell Club for DM All-Inclusive members!!!

New DM Members: $55/monthly

Register at the Front Desk.

*Note: You must have an active DM Membership to sign-up.