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New to DMY? Try these first!

Power Yoga Basics

Our basic flow will challenge you and teach you the five pillars of the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga practice. This class focuses on foundational postures, deepening the student’s knowledge of alignment, physical conditioning and breath. This class is a great place to start practicing.

CrossFit Intro
Come find out what the hype is all about! Our intro class is for people who have never done CrossFit before and want to learn more about it! One of our expert coaches will take you through some of the basic CrossFit movements, and the WOD (Work Out of the Day). Yes, you will sweat!

Xpress Ride
An intense 45-minute cardiovascular workout designed to leave you drenched with sweat.

What to Expect!

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When you come to Dancing Mind we want you to have the best experience possible! Here is what to expect!

What to Expect

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“I started with DMY in July and it grounded me in ways I didn’t know something could. When I start to struggle in rowing races, I find my focus, breathe through the lactic acid build up and push through the difficulties. My flexibility and overall body awareness has not only improved my rowing and the way I feel, but also my general outlook on life.”

—Carol D.