Want a full membership with all the benefits? Or a simpler yoga-only pass? No problem! Give us a call and we'll help you find a plan that works for you!
DM Intro Pass
New guests only. Must be VA, DC, or MD resident. ID required.
Unlimited Yoga+CrossFit+Cycle Intro Valid for 30 days $30
DM Membership Options:
Unlimited – Yoga+CrossFit+Cycle Elements included/Month-Month $145
Unlimited – Yoga+Cycle Elements not included/Month-Month $115
Family Memberships
Add your partner and kids for a reduced fee. Proof of residence/partnership is required. Month-Month
Partner – Yoga+CrossFit+Cycle Elements included $95
Partner – Yoga+Cycle Elements not included $65
Kids (per child) – Yoga+CrossFit+Cycle Elements included $65
Kids (per child) – Yoga+Cycle Elements not included $50
Drop-In and Class Packages
Drop-in $20
10 Pack Valid for 75 days $185
6 Month Pass All Inclusive/Elements not included $795
12 Month Pass All Inclusive/Elements not included $1,495
Appreciation Pricing
Seniors (65+), Students, Active Military, First Responders or Teachers. ID required.
Drop-In $15
10 Pack Valid for 75 days $125
Unlimited Yoga+CrossFit+Cycle Elements included $125
Unlimited Yoga Only Elements not included $105
Little Pretzels
Drop-in First Class is Free! $15
10 Pack Valid for 105 days $125
CrossFit Elements
Group Elements Course Required for Regular CrossFit Classes $235
Test Out Required for Regular CrossFit Classes $35
Our Pricing Policy
Auto-draft required for memberships. Completion of CrossFit Elements required to attend regular CrossFit classes. All purchases are final, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable. DM discounts apply to regular prices only and cannot be combined with any other offers. Sharing of Packs/Passes is not allowed. We accept Visa and MasterCard ($10 minimum).