Meet Paula


Having an abundant life that allows you to live, laugh,​ and love fully.

Being a movement for change, empowerment, and positivity.

Inspiring individuals to do more, be more, help more.

Being a successful leader who creates wealth and possibilities.

Feeling full of vitality, like you can tackle anything.

Looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking “I LOOK AWESOME!”

Waking up without an alarm clock feeling energized and ready to go.

Meditating, doing yoga or working out every day.

Seeing WORK as something that inspires you, something that you are truly passionate about.

Being a leader who inspires, moves, cares and is loved as a result.



It did not used to be this way. I used to work long hours doing work that I did not want to do. I regretted going into work; as a matter of fact, I hated what I did. I also had lots of personal doubt.​ I feared my friends didn’t like me. I feared I wasn’t really good enough at anything. I feared I was alone and used to hate silence.

So I searched for answers outside of myself;​ books, toys, travel, pleasing. But nothing worked.

Until one day I DECIDED to say enough is enough, and started to look within – and that’s WHERE I found my answer.

I decided to stop this negative nonsensical chatter in my head and radically change the way I communicated to myself and to the world. That moment – that split moment in which I DECIDED to be FULLY IN CHARGE of my THINKING, to create the life of my dreams, and to wake up every day doing what I wanted to do, having the friends that I wanted to have – THAT MOMENT changed my life forever.

Little by little, my life changed and GRACE started to flow in.

I replaced fear with HOPE. Anger with LOVE. Loneliness with FRIENDSHIP and LAUGHTER. Fear with POSSIBILITIES. Scarcity with ABUNDANCE.  Blame with GRATITUDE.

THIS ​is what I want to share with you. This is what I want to teach you… how to create an amazing life for yourself filled with infinite possibilities, energy, passion, wealth, laughter,​ joy, fun, love, gratitude,​ and yes – grace.