Because after all of it your people are the ones who make your company shine!

“We have seen and experienced it for ourselves. Here at Dancing Mind we encourage our employees to practice yoga and exercise during their work hours. The results are obvious: our employees are happier, less stressed and more confident. We get more done in so much less time!” - Paula Baake, Dancing Mind’s owner

Yoga & Fitness at work has been embraced by many progressive businesses and has proven to create many positive results and benefit to employees. Let our expert teachers lead one of our signature yoga, fitness, or meditation classes at your company and see for yourself the powerful results you will create to your company’s overall culture, performance and costs.

Better yet, let us lead your employees through one of our signature Personal Development and Motivational Programs such as 40 Days to Personal Revolution and watch your company’s communication, productivity and morale sore!

On-Site Yoga Classes

We offer a range of practices, from gentle and meditative to therapeutic or active. We can quickly determine the most appropriate offerings for your staff.


Class Duration: 60 minutes
One-time Event: $225
8-Week Series:
1x week: $200, 2x-week: $180, 3x-week-$150
*For up to 10 people. Each additional participant is $15.

For more information on our Personal Development/Motivational Programs please email us at