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Hot Vinyasa Power Yoga - Baptiste Affiliate Studio - and Fitness Studio/ Gym located in the DMV area, voted Best of Falls Church, VA for Seven Years in a Row
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Program Policies

Fall 2015 Program Registration is Now Closed.

Admission Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Submit a $500.00 non-refundable application fee.
  • Complete application for admission. Application to the program does not guarantee acceptance. Candidates are evaluated for academic and physical ability, personal character, motivation and ability to manage time and meet financial obligations for tuition.
  • Admission requirements must be completed prior to first day of class. Notification of admission will be by letter, email or phone.

Certification and Registration

Our yoga teacher certification is designed to fulfill the requirements necessary to become a Yoga Alliance (RYT) Registered Yoga Teacher.

Grading Scale

The following grades are given for work completed at DM:

  • Pass / Fail based on School’s Assessment
  • Hands on Assisting (clear and confident assists)
  • Team Teaching (be able to teach clearly with an understanding the postures and their modifications)
  • Dialog Participation (participating in the group discussions)
  • Attendance (see attendance policy)
  • Writing assignments turned in on time

To graduate, a student must be passing in each section of curriculum. Grading criteria includes: class participation, exams, hands-on techniques, written and practical assignments, homework, special extra credit projects, attendance and timely completion of all assignments. Grades will be given at the end of each weekend. Students who are not meeting the standards of practical experience will be notified and will meet with the director to explore methods of improving performance.

100% attendance is required. Students are required to make up all class hours missed, both excused and unexcused, by making arrangements with the director. Make up class fees are $125 per hour.

Probation, Dismissal, and Re-admittance

Students who are not passing at the end of each weekend will be considered to be on academic probation. Student may submit an additional essay assigned by the director to be lifted from probation. Students who are on academic probation and continue to fail for 3 weekends in a row will be dismissed from the program.

Student Records

Student records will be kept for a period of seven years. Records are accessible to students by appointments only. The school maintains confidentiality by keeping records locked. Students may obtain transcripts by sending $250.00 with a request in writing. Any student who is dismissed may not reapply for one year. Following one year, students may reapply for the next term. Fees will apply.

Student Conduct

Students are required to follow all school rules and procedures. Students will be expected to behave in a professional manner at all times. Standards of conduct policies include, but are not limited to:

  • No sexual harassment of any type or form will be allowed.
  • No substance use or abuse during school hours will be accepted.
  • No smoking allowed on school property.
  • No breach of confidentiality will be tolerated.

Professional appearance and personal hygiene will be maintained at high standards. Failure to comply with the standards of conduct will be handled by the director. Failure to comply will lead to the following ramifications: conduct warning or dismissal.

Leave of Absence

Due to medical disability, a leave of absence will be granted. In the event of a leave of absence, the student will have to reapply for the next available session and pay the difference, if any, of any remaining tuition.

Attendance and Tardiness

One hundred percent attendance is required. Any missed hours will have to be made up before graduation. All hours must be documented accurately. If the instructor must spend extra time with the student to make up information missed, the student will be assessed a $125.00 per hour fee due at time of make up. Students who fail to keep make up times and/or who fail to pay the fee will be dismissed.

Tardiness will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal. All classes will start on time and students are expected to be present and ready to participate at the appointed starting time.

Students are expected to notify school if they intend to withdraw from the program. Any student who fails to attend a weekend intensive without communication is assumed withdrawn.

Cancellation of classes due to weather may occur. It is the student’s responsibility to call the yoga director to find out if class has been canceled. Additional Saturdays, or weekends would be added near the end of the program if a cancellation was necessary.

Student Complaints

Complaints may be emailed to [email protected]. A response will be provided within 5-10 business days.

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