Empower and inspire your body and mind with Power yoga in our beautiful Falls Church yoga studio. 

Baptiste Power Yoga is a vigorous hot yoga practice in a heated room designed to allow the body to breathe, move, sweat, flow, stretch and relax. You’ll also find restorative yoga, kids, yoga, gentle and yin yoga classes, meditation and classes for all levels.


Class Descriptions


Power Yoga Basics

Be a student again and perfect the basics! Breathing, relaxing, movement, flow; this is a great place to start your practice.



Power Hour

Break a sweat on your lunch break! This is a 60-minute modified All Levels class that will take you to your edge.



All Levels

If you think yoga is too slow or you can’t get a “real workout”—think again. Come in ready to work, move, and sweat in this dynamic power vinyasa class!



Take your practice to the next level! Work on more challenging asanas such as headstands, handstands, arm balances, and advanced backbends.



Power Sculpt

Get your ASSets and Biceps in order! High repetition strength training exercises are integrated with our regular flow to boost your metabolism, tone and sculpt your body! Designed to complement your yoga practice.



Restorative Flow

Perfect for after a good workout or if you are in the mood to relax, and let go! Get ready to stretch your body, breathe, and start new again! Class ends with a 15-minute guided meditation. All Levels welcome.



Little Pretzels

A fun-filled way for the little ones to experience yoga. Lots of fun, games, songs, and general silliness. Suggested for ages 4-9.