Empower and inspire your body and mind with Power yoga in our beautiful Falls Church yoga studio.

Baptiste Power Yoga is a vigorous hot yoga practice in a heated room designed to allow the body to breathe, move, sweat, flow, stretch and relax. You’ll also find restorative yoga, kids, yoga, gentle and yin yoga classes, meditation and classes for all levels.


Class Descriptions

Power Yoga Basics

Be a student again and perfect the basics! Breathing, relaxing, movement, flow; this is a great place to start your practice.


Power Hour

All Levels class that will take you to your edge!


All Levels

Our most popular class! The All Levels class is your daily transformation and your daily personal revolution. This ever-evolving practice is for people who are ready to tap into their inner power; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It will not only dramatically strengthen and tone your body but it will open energetic channels to a calmer, peaceful spirit ignited with confidence. The physical practice is vigorous and challenging, but accessible for all levels. You will experience strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and your body will transform immediately. No other process utilizes so many tools to tap into one’s hidden potential for achieving authentic personal power and living an extraordinary life. All Levels is heated to 90-95 degrees.

All Levels II

Wanna take your practice to the next level and don’t know where to start?! Look no more! We take our All Levels class to the next degree by challenging you to do more! More core and breath work, binds, twists and more challenging asanas such as headstands, handstands, arm balances and advanced backbends. Intimidated!? Don’t be! Remember that failing and falling is part of the learning process! We welcome you to join in and try something new with us!


Power Sculpt

Get your ASSets and BYceps in order! High repetition strength training exercises are integrated with our regular flow to boost your metabolism, tone and sculpt your body! Designed to complement your yoga practice.


Yin Yoga/ Restorative Flow

Our Restorative Flow class offers a creative and unique sequence of poses that flow together and create wonderful strength and flexibility. This class is richly infused with yin yoga, classical yoga teachings, pranayama and meditation to tame the mind and open the heart. It melts away tension and restores vitality. Great for all levels of practitioners!