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Kids Yoga

Dancing Mind Kids and Family Yoga Program
Yoga is an amazing and fun way for kids to learn to listen, connect with their feelings, bodies, and minds.
Paula Baake with her son, Chase Baake

Paula Baake owner of Dancing Mind and her son, Chase

Dancing Mind’s Little Pretzels and Big Pretzels kids yoga classes aim to provide a non-competitive environment in which kids can experience fun, peace and love.Our expert kids yoga teachers LOVE kids! They are here to patiently initiate little ones into the practice and philosophy of yoga.

As parents ourselves, we understand that we want our kids to learn the tools that will make them more powerful, influential and connected human beings. Through our Kids Yoga Program we want to support them into building strength, flexibility, and focus, while having a super fun time, while learning to relax and find a sense of inner peace.