Dancing Mind | FAQs
Hot Vinyasa Power Yoga - Baptiste Affiliate Studio - and Fitness Studio/ Gym located in the DMV area, voted Best of Falls Church, VA for Seven Years in a Row
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General Q&A


“What should I expect?”

At Dancing Mind, our classes are challenging BUT we will meet you were you are! Be prepared to get a workout, sweat and burn calories, but also do take a break if you need to! Be prepared to have fun as you move. The more you come the easier it becomes!


“The parking lot is full! Where do I park?”

Plenty of parking is available adjacent to the building (do not park on marked spaces/towing is enforced). All parking is free.


“What should I wear?”

Wear loose, breathable, and comfortable gym or yoga clothing. We keep the studio between 90-95 degrees to support flexibility and detoxification.


“I am out of shape/afraid to look foolish!”

Isn’t that what we all fear? The truth is that we will all be too busy as we are being challenged. The most important thing is to take that first step towards getting here!


“What about hydration?”

Hydrate well BEFORE and AFTER class. We will never stop you from drinking water; however, hydrating during class will take you out of focus, and practicing/exercising with water in your stomach will cause you to feel nausea.


“What should I eat before/after practice?”

Eat a healthy meal 2-3 hours before exercising and you will be fine. Practicing/exercising with a full stomach can be an interesting experience – you can expect to experience bowel movements, inflexibility, and nausea. Now you know the issues, and knowing your own metabolism and digestive system, you can make the best decision for yourself.


“How often should I come?”

Practice 3 times per week to see changes in your body. Practice 5 times a week and watch your life transform!


“Can I practice/exercise if I’m pregnant?”

Considering that you are in good health, exercising/yoga is perfectly safe. Many of our teachers/coaches are moms and exercised/practiced throughout their pregnancy. As always consult your doctor first.


“Do you have showers or changing facilities?”

Yes! In fact, we have both! Our studio space features men and women’s locker rooms that have changing rooms and showers. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are not provided. Towels can be rented for $2.


“Where do I begin?”

To begin, you need to reserve your class spot and show up, that is all. You can call or email if you have any questions. Just come and be prepared to have fun, sweat, burn some calories, and meet inspiring and friendly people. For more information on classes, studio etiquette, our policies and other details, please check out our Get Started page.


“How do I sign up for classes?”

Whether you’ve visited us at the studio or are checking us out online for the very first time, our “Schedule Now” button on our website homepage gives you the ease of reserving a spot at a class time that suits your schedule at any time! All members are required to create a MindBody Online account where they can view and register for upcoming classes and workshops. While it is not necessary to sign up in advance, it is recommended for classes in our smaller studios that may reach capacity (classroom capacities can be seen online when making a reservation). Making an online reservation will hold your spot in the class for up to 10 minutes before the class begins. If you have not checked in at the front desk by 10 minutes before the start of class, your spot will be released to those on the wait-list. You can create an online account here. You can also make reservations using the Dancing Mind app available for android and apple users. App can be searched and downloaded from your app store at Dancing Mind.