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Taking Care of Plants

SK Ng, 83


“I really like MindGym! It helps me forget all my troubles and worries“

Elderly Woman at Gym

YY Chong, 68

手脚受过严重。用了 Ball & Glove app之后,我感到很不可思意自己尽然还可以打球!感谢有机会使用这个新产品。" 

“After using VR, I felt really excited! I've never experienced something so interesting. The songs and views are mesmerising, it's like I'm travelling abroad.

I've experienced pretty bad injuries in my hands and legs, but after using the Ball & Glove app, I couldn't believe that I could still do boxing! I really appreciate the chance to experience this product.” 

Mdm RB, 80

"Able to help me focus and react. Makes me think also. I'm excited to do more so I can improve!"

           Mdm RB suffers from mobility issues and is wheelchair-bound. She is lethargic and soft-spoken. 
           Immersed in the mixed reality before her eyes, Mdm RB began moving her neck as part of the physiotherapy module. Her therapist was shocked. He had never witnessed her stretch her neck to this extent!
In a few months, Mdm RB is spirited and energetic in ways she was not before, initiating and engaging in conversations with a radiant smile.


"It was the first time he moved his toes since the accident!"


After a harrowing accident, Harry became paralysed from his neck down. After working with him, we saw his fingers move to the beat of the music. Cheers surged through the small crowd of therapists and doctors by his bed. After some momentary silence, Harry moved his big toe back and forth twice.

Physical Therapist

Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists

"This is easy to use" 

"Will help me greatly to engage difficult patients" 

"Exactly what I wanted in innovative therapy"

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