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DancingMind's Digital Therapy Platform.

With digital therapy, we help make therapy and your health journey

Motivational, Effective, Convenient, and Right Now.

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Cognitive Health

Standardised &

Targeted Training

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Emotional Health

Improved Mood & Sleep Quality


Physical Health

Get fit.

Stay Fit.


Life Skills & ADL


Life Skills

Who We've Empowered

Physical Therapy

Stroke & Other TBI Survivors

Creating a motivating journey

We've worked with a big number of Stroke Survivors in Singapore and the United Kingdom, setting and scoring new rehab goals such as Overcoming Neglect, Improving Gait, and helping with Cognitive Impairment

Dementia &
Mild Cognitive Impairment

Standardized Cognitive Training

Not everyone has the same needs.
We employ personalised and targeted cognitive training programmes for different extents of Cognitive Impairment

Holding Hands
Children in Library

Children with Special Needs

ADHD and Autism Care

Creating applications for Attention Training, learning real life skills in a safe environment, conducting exposure therapy, and helping train social cognition.

Other Use Cases

Ask us about our experiences!

We have made applications tailored to numerous other conditions, including:



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Virtual Reality As a Platform.

Our applications are created in VR-based and Digital Mediums, and patient activities are monitored online. 

We employ the use of VR Headsets as well as Patient Management Systems.

VR Headsets
Patient Management Console

Our Research Results.

Controlled Research Trials show the following:

- Cognitive Improvements in Cognitive Assessments such as MMSE and Mini-ACE
- Mobility Improvements in Range of Motion and Strength
- Mood Improvements and Uninterrupted Sleep
- Confidence in pursuing new activities
- Translation into Quality of Life Improvements

Based on our research publications:

1. Hill, James Edward orcid icon, Twamley, Jacqueline, Breed, Hetty, Kenyon, Roger, Casey, Rob, Zhang, Jennifer and Clegg, Andrew orcid icon (2021) Scoping review of the use of virtual reality in intensive care units. Nursing in Critical Care . ISSN 1362-1017

2. Twamley J, Hamer O, Hill J, Kenyon R, Twamley H, Casey R, Zhang J, Williams A, Clegg A. Exploring the perceptions of former ICU patients and clinical staff on barriers and facilitators to the implementation of virtual reality exposure therapy: A qualitative study. Nurs Crit Care. 2022 Dec 2. doi: 10.1111/nicc.12868. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36458458.

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